Berlin - Love and Murder Album Release Party

Thank you to all my friends and family that came out to Berlin NYC on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of 'Love and Murder.' There was sooo much love in that room!!! Thank you to my label The Royal Potato Family for helping me throw the best party ever and to my amazing band Steve McEwan, Ethan Eubanks, Andy Hess, Clark Gayton, Annie Mac and Eric Biondo for absolutely killing it. It was an incredible night and I'll never forget it. :: Hearing Aide: Leslie Mendelson ‘Love & Murder’

With so much noise going on in the world today due to technology, from cell phone beeps and rings to endless updates on various apps, it’s easy to get lost in the computer-strung clutter. The one enjoyment that can take an individual away from the murky shadows of continuous information overload is music. Sure, there are endless amounts of live shows available for streaming on the internet, but to really get to the raw simplicity of a note takes putting on the headphones and pressing play on the new album by singer Leslie Mendelson. Love & Murder is her first work released in eight years.

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The Songs Of Barlow

Last month an incredible group of musicians came together at the Sweetwater Music Hall in celebration and support of the great John Perry Barlow, lyricist for the grateful dead. He has been sick for quite some time and all the proceeds go towards helping him recover. I am honored to be apart of this event again. Let's all come together and celebrate his songs!!